After a Car Accident: When to Contact an Attorney

After a severe car accident, the last thing you might want to think about is legal consequences. However, some people end up in such horrific crashes they often end up with incredibly high medical bills. If the collision was caused by the negligence of another driver, you will likely file a claim with that person’s insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible individual to recoup your losses. Hiring an attorney before this point is wise if you want to know how best to proceed.

If you were severely injured, make sure you obtain any medical assistance you need before doing anything else. Once you’re stable, you or a trusted friend or family member can help you call the negligent driver’s insurance company to report the accident.

You likely won’t need to hire an attorney until the insurance company asks for a statement regarding the collision. Insurance companies will scrutinize your comments for evidence you had any liability in the accident. An attorney can help file a written statement on your behalf so the company can’t use your words against you later.

Within a certain period, the insurance company will have investigated the case, read your statement, and will likely offer you a particular amount of compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Insurance companies might try and lowball you on the amount in the hopes you will accept what they give you and forgo any further action. An attorney can help look at this first offer and indicate whether or not this is a sufficient amount. Likewise, he or she can anticipate whether pursuing more money is likely to yield a higher number later.

Remember, the sooner you contact an attorney in your case, the earlier you will have more legal experience on your side. Insurance companies are less likely to trifle with someone who has an advocate working on their behalf because they want to avoid the expenses of litigation; however, the higher your medical bills and potential compensation, the more likely the company is to try and get you to drop the claim.

Talk to us about your case as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping the victims of negligence seek compensation for their injuries. Let us see what we can do for you.

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