Important Tips to Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Not all personal injury claims are equal and you have to be prepared for that if you want it to be successful. Certain lawsuits may require more effort, evidence and documentation, especially if it’s not entirely clear who is at fault. These are five tips you should follow to help your personal injury claim:

  1. Preserve Evidence: Take photos and videos of the scene to corroborate your story. Collect names and other information of potential witnesses, because their testimony may be crucial. Most important of all, file a police report to ensure you have documentation of the accident.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Getting an accurate estimate of your damages requires immediate medical attention. A doctor and other health professionals will document your injuries and treatment plan, which will be important for your personal injury claim.
  3. Don’t Accept the First Offer: You may be tempted to accept the first settlement offer you receive, but it is standard practice for insurance adjustors to begin negotiations by offering a very low settlement amount. With the help of an attorney, you can make a counteroffer to get the compensation you believe is fair.
  4. Stay Off Social Media: If you’re claiming a serious injury, but your social media posts paint a different picture, it may be used against you in court. Don’t talk about your case online, put your profiles on private, and tell your friends and family to abstain from mentioning you on social media while the case settles.
  5. Contact an Attorney: A qualified attorney can help you through this entire process, starting from the day of the accident up until your last day in court. They can help you determine what needs to be done to build your case and maximize your compensation.

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