How to Avoid Bias in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Despite the fact that most motorcycle riders follow the laws of the road, don’t ride dangerously, and avoid risky behavior, juries and police are still biased when it comes to motorcycle accident cases. For some reason, the general public often perceives motorcyclists as reckless and unsafe individuals. But the truth is, most motorcyclists usually have to take more safety precautions than the average driver whenever they are on the road. In this blog, we explain how to avoid bias in a motorcycle accident case.

What Sources Can Be Bias?

In addition to the social stigma that surrounds motorcyclists, there are also numerous myths perpetuated by popular culture that can cause bias. Because of the myth that motorcyclists are reckless daredevils, the following instances of bias can impact a motorcycle accident case:

  • Law enforcement often assume a motorcycle rider is reckless, even without substantial evidence
  • Witnesses sometimes assume that a loud engine equates reckless behavior or uncontrolled acceleration
  • Questionable framing of news reports about motorcycle related accidents or injuries
  • Insurance adjustors can attempt to resolve an accident claim unfairly because they know jury bias will allow them to place part of the blame on the motorcycle rider
  • Doctors often speculate that the cause of an accident was the result of motorcyclist negligence without having evidence to back up their assumption

What You Should Do to Avoid Bias

If you are worried about being on the receiving end of a biased police report, or having to face a jury who believes all bikers are gang members or reckless stereotypes, you should consult with an experienced attorney who is familiar with motorcycle accident cases. An attorney can help you strategize ways to combat specific biases that you will likely encounter in your case. A good attorney will challenge a biased police report, and can guide you through ways to deal with jury stereotypes as well.

Are you worried about facing bias in your motorcycle accident case? Contact our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys to set up a free consultation today. We are here to help with all of your legal concerns.


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