Pannu V. Land Rover (2011) — Focus Highlight 2

In order to uncover the truth, top civil attorneys Garo Mardirossian and Armen Akaragian knew that they had to uncover the defects in the design of the manufacturing.

‘‘Now this one’s gonna be a battle, and major auto manufacturers don’t give in, in these kinds of cases and settle early at all they fight you, they fight you tooth and nail and so we knew that we were going to be in this for the long haul.”

The firm thought after claims against the car’s faulty design and began their countless hours of investigation and costly battles against the corporate giant.

“There were tests done where a Land Rover Discovery that comes off the showroom floor was taken… The vehicle was dropped to test the roof strength. First, to show, look how easily the roof crushes on a standard discovery off the showroom floor. Then, because Land Rover hadn’t told the public that they actually would rig their vehicles that they use for their commercials, we showed too that show their vehicles going off road and going on their side, and then Land Rover bragging about how they just upright the vehicle and nothing happened to the car. “

“Well, those vehicles were rigged with roll bars… roll cages that Land Rover made for these Discoveries, which you actually could have purchased for an option had you wanted to, but Land Rover never told people about it. So we took that roll cage and we put it in the Discovery. We had another one and in that disk, then we dropped that one and the roof never crushed and that would have cost a hundred bucks. Same situation: laboratory setting, rigging the vehicle, high speed cameras, and then we put them side by side and showed how one just pancakes to the floor, and how one dropped on the roof—the full vehicle weight from a height of 18 inches- and the vehicle just bounces off the roof comes to rest and nothing happens.”


Sukh Pannu never thought he'd need the services of our law firm. But when disaster struck, he was reassured knowing that he had us on his side. If the unthinkable happens to you or a loved one, you don't want to delay justice.
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